Be Well. Live Well.

Sacred Brilliance

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Would you like to...

Decrease stress in your life?

Improve relationships with yourself & others?

Get married? Renew Vows?

Open up & balance your chakras?

Improve your creativity & effectiveness?

Be more enlightened?

Have more clarity?

Be more mindful and peaceful?

Live in the NOW?

Be Welcome Here!

I am here to help you on your journey of life with wellness and blessings. 

I can  - provide the help you need on your healing journey with Sacred Brilliance, Touch of Christ Consciousness or
                         Physical Therapy sessions.

          - be a guest speaker at your conferences and meetings.  

          - conduct workshops on The Energy of Intimacy to enhance your relationships to a higher level of love. 

          - officiate at your wedding, baby naming and vow renewal ceremonies.  

          - give you the spiritual guidance you need to succeed gracefully along this life journey.

If you are looking for wellness and healing, let's work together. 

We can jointly optimize and educate your body, mind and spirit to function fully so you can make the best possible choices for yourself, experience less stress, enjoy greater wellness and personal growth.

It is a pleasure and an honor to assist you on your journey!

Be Well & Live Well,

Rev. Sharon Cristofalo, MA, PT