Sacred Brilliance Session

Sharon's Sacred Brilliance Energy Wellness sessions intuitively combine Reiki, One Brain, Integrated Energy Therapy, essences, ancient oils, color, music, Native American spirituality, Resonance Healing, crystals, Feng Shui and readings.  

Also included is the Touch of Christ Consciousness or Christed Energy.  It is a beautiful yet powerful concentrated ray of divine energy channeled by Sharon. She has been chosen as a channel of Christ's energy to help you heal much deeper on the inner soul level with love and compassion. Its intensity is regulated by what each person's body and soul needs.  People have expressed feeling lighter, more peaceful, having more energy and even a "wow" factor.

                               She intuitively knows what the person needs to raise their vibration to wellness..

A session begins with discussing the client’s current issues, belief systems and behavioral patterns. Energy work may then be used to open the client’s chakras (energy wheels) and other areas that need clearing. Muscle testing can also be helpful to determine which energy system is most effective for the client. Their self-healing can occur on the physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual planes. This will be reinforced and supplemented by essences, crystals, essential oils, movement patterns or colors. The session concludes with education, insights and possibly homework for prolonged self-healing, thus resulting in making better choices for life!

Awakening Card Reading  may be incorporated after a Sacred Brilliance session to enhance and anchor in the work that was accomplished. 

Physical Therapy Session

Sharon Cristofalo, MA, PT offers private one-on-one physical therapy sessions.  Her expertise is in orthopedics and manual therapy and she is especially knowledgeable in sacroiliac joint problems.  Homework may include exercises, posture and positioning. 
Please bring with you a prescription from your medical doctor for physical therapy. 

Be Well. Live Well.

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Client Experiences

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What Sharon Experiences

Sacred Brilliance

"A beautiful shift has occurred in my clients, resulting in moving on a subjective scale from a 0-2/10 to easily 8-10/10 after the session.  It lasts for days, weeks and months depending on the issue.

This is not for everyone but if you are willing and open to experiencing alternative ideas and healing and are ready to move forward in your life, please come and experience a unique blend of my intuitive energy healing gifts.

It is a wonderful experience for me to see how the energy wheels or chakras, the aura and the person’s past & present beliefs affect the physical, emotional and spiritual body.  I help clean and clear all aspects of the aura and chakras in order to help my client heal.  Sometimes, special areas need healing or old wounds from the past need closure and healing before the client is able to move forward to make better choices for the future. Clients have come to me for a variety of reasons:  physical, emotional, spiritual.  I have helped them get a deeper understanding and find answers they’ve sought;  helped several women become pregnant; relieved stress; provided spiritual guidance; helped  them become unstuck and move forward; helped heal  wounds received from  war; and lightened depression.  My clients all leave happier and less stressed than when they arrived.  They each got what they needed from the session plus a greater understanding of themselves." - Rev. Sharon Cristofalo, MA, PT

Let me tell you about one client, C.. She heard my presentation at a Mom’s group and it piqued her interest.   She called me and told me that after trying all kinds of fertility treatments, she was still unsuccessful in conceiving a baby.  She was willing to try something different.   When she arrived for her appointment, she was nervous, anxious and very stressed.  She wanted to get pregnant.  She was stressed with caring for her aging mother, caring for her husband as well as her home and her job.

During our session, I found many areas which needed healing.  I could feel them release and heal.  At the end of the session, she felt lighter, less stressed and looked better than when she arrived.  A month later, she called and told me she was pregnant.  Her lifestyle seemed to be less stressful and she was handling things with more ease.  She was happier than she had been in a long time.

I saw C. at the next Mom’s group a year later.  She could not thank me enough for helping with her become pregnant. 

"I felt the presence of Christ and was overwhelmed with love and compassion. It was a beautiful energy. I felt happier, more open & lighter afterwards" - K.K., Dream Intuitive

"My Sacred Brilliance session was gentle, intuitive and very powerful. It addressed my entire being with lasting clarity and wellbeing. It gave me deep self awareness and healing." - Rev. H.G., Reiki Master & Teacher

"Sharon is an amazing healer. She is precious, talented and compassionate. She has extraordinary gifts!"

- Rev . C.F., Realtor, Reiki Master & Teacher