Rev. Sharon Cristofalo is available for speaking engagements and workshops upon request. 

“I loved your talk even more than Deepak Chopra’s talks.  You are a BRILLIANT speaker.”  S. S., Intuitive Healer

“Your talk was fabulous, Sharon!  Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom.  The audience surely enjoyed it, too.”  Rev. H. G., Interfaith Minister and Reiki Master/Teacher

“I love how you blend and bring in new concepts and information.  I am always intrigued by your talks and learn something new.”  Rev. C. P., Counselor & Artist

Please contact Sharon for scheduling & fees.

Guest Speaker 

Rev. Sharon Cristofalo, MA, PT is a knowledgeable and dynamic speaker. She brings a fresh approach with deep insight to her talks. Topics have included: 

Gifts: Your special gifts and those of Christmas
Relationships: How to navigate in close quarters on a daily basis
Integrating Medical and Spiritual Worlds for Healing: East meeting West
Alternative Wellness Therapies

Intro to Sacred Geometry


“The Energy of Intimacy”

Rev. Sharon Cristofalo, MA, PT offers a newly-created & much-needed workshop to enhance relationships on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level for couples.  This workshop focuses on Self Love & Healing Wounds and Intimacy Techniques.  This workshop uses sacred geometry as a tool to understand relationships on different levels.  Meditations and interactive exercises are included in the class. 

"When the couple feels the love, the family feels the love, the workplace feels the love, the community feels the love, the country feels the love and the world feels the love, too!" 

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Sacred Brilliance

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