Sharon has spent over 40 years in the medical profession. She began as a hospital volunteer in her teens. Following her dream, she became a physical therapist at New York University. She worked in rehabilitation centers, medical centers, nursing homes and orthopedic private practices. As educating people has always been important to her, Sharon became an assistant professor in physical therapy at Long Island University, NY. Her studies were enhanced with a Master of Arts degree from NYU in Pathokinesiology, the study of abnormal movement, within the physical therapy department.

For over 23 years, she has combined energy wellness techniques, essences and readings with her newly channeled technique, Touch of Christ Consciousness, in gentle but effective sessions. Sharon has helped clients improve physical symptoms, remove obstacles from their energy fields, undo stress, gain new insight and feel better, lighter and more peaceful. Sharon has even helped infertile women get pregnant. Many other people with stress and dis-ease have been able to move forward, become healthy, less stressed, more energized, feel better and renewed due to her sessions! 

Sacred Brilliance

Be Well. Live Well.

Rev. Sharon Cristofalo, MA, PT

Sharon is an energy wellness specialist with a passion for assisting people on their healing journey. Highly intuitive, she identifies issues in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy fields that keep people from fabulous relationships and stress-free living. Sharon uses her gift of intuition, her knowledge and life experience to assist with the person’s healing journey.  

In her “Energy of Intimacy” workshops, she helps increase the energy of love between partners to support strong intimate relationships.  She realizes how important it is to keep the love and intimacy flowing.  Strong relationships result in happy individuals and happy work and happy life journeys.

As a Reverend, her compassion and love shines during her spiritual guidance sessions, speaking engagements and officiating at ceremonies.

She believes that everyone deserves their highest good and highest level of healing with grace and love. 

Sharon's goal is to assist in transforming people to higher levels of awareness and consciousness with
Sacred Brilliance!​

Sharon's credentials include: 

     *   Reiki Master Teacher
     *   Integrated Energy Therapist (IET)
     *   3 in 1 Concepts/One Brain Consultant Facilitator 
     *   Ordained Interfaith Minister
     *   Physical Therapist

Additional capabilities include: Native American Spirituality, Resonance Healing, crystals, feng shui, aroma therapy, Bach flower essences, Ancient Oils of the Scripture, color and auras.

Besides giving client sessions, Sharon has been teaching Reiki classes and giving lectures on: the importance of self-healing by integrating alternative therapies with traditional medicine; exploring our spiritual gifts; sacred geometry; relating to others; and relationships & intimacy.

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